Sunday, September 14, 2008

Debba Haupert YSM: Tom Anderson

Meet my studio mascot, Tom Anderson (he goes by both names, don't call him Tom!). He's 16 years old so who's going to tell him to let go of me and let me work on my laptop??? Sweetest cat in the world, loves me as much as I love him (you can tell by the way he looks at me!) and during long phone calls I try to get all the cat hair out of my laptop keyboard. He often will meow at the phone if it rings near him and has been known to take it off the hook and callers have heard him meow at them. He's a pretty amusing mascot.

FYI: Got the name from an 5-year old daughter of a friend who, when I asked her what I should name my new kitten, said "Tom Anderson." I thought - He's a Tom cat and I went to Anderson University, so that worked for me. Then she changed her mind and wanted me to name him "Corn-on-the-cob Anderson" - that was too long!

Debba Haupert


CREATIVEGoddess said...

Sweet! He looks like the Pip as seen in the earlier posts.

Allison Leigh Smith said...

"Tom Anderson"? That reminds me of the book, The Life of Pi with the tiger named Richard Parker. : )
Tom is a sweetie pie! I can hear what he is thinking: Pay attention to meeeeee! Thanks for sharing!