Monday, September 15, 2008

Susan Donley YSM: Rosie

My name is Rosie. I'm the Official Studio Poodle at, where my mom is the Official Studio Artist. She met you on Twitter and saw your invitation to Your Studio Mascot and suggested I apply for membership. Here is my Official Portrait:

Being an Official Studio Poodle is hard work. It's definitely not for everyone, but then being a Standard Poodle isn't for everyone either -- not even for every Poodle! ;-) My first job of the day is alarm clock or "Cocka-Poodle-Do" as my mom jokes when I wake her up (I know, she's not very funny first thing in the morning). That brings me to my second important job of the day, which is to make sure the OSA gets outside and takes a walk first thing to get her blood and creative juices flowing. (Before I took charge of the studio exercise program, she was pretty lax about that, I must say!) On the walk, of course, I protect us from squirrels, chipmunks, and other dogs, to make sure we get back to the studio to work.

Back at the studio, while my mom gets to work on commissions, which I understand are critical for us to afford to feed us, I get my teeth into my work, too. I like to carve bones with my teeth, though I sometimes whittle sticks, when bones aren't available. My mom did these drawings of me working on my bones:

I'm glad my mom draws pictures of me, because I hate getting my picture taken - cameras are so rude, the way they flash lightening right in your face. She always complains, though, about "the challenge of finding a range of values in an all-black subject." Well, la-de-da! Sheesh, temperamental artists! Being a model is part of the job that is very tedious, but someone has to let the Official Studio Artist practice new media and techniques on them, or we would get stuck in a rut.

I sound an alert when the mailman brings us bills or checks or when the UPS man leaves art supplies on our front porch. I remind us when its time to break for lunch and dinner. Sometimes I even have to remind us to go to bed! Honestly, humans... Or is it just artist-humans who don't know enough to hit the sack when they are tired?

I could go on and on, of course, but the other Studio Mascots have probably heard it all! If you need anything else to complete my application, maybe I could have my mom send you one of my bone sculptures.

Susan Donley

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Debba Haupert YSM: Tom Anderson

Meet my studio mascot, Tom Anderson (he goes by both names, don't call him Tom!). He's 16 years old so who's going to tell him to let go of me and let me work on my laptop??? Sweetest cat in the world, loves me as much as I love him (you can tell by the way he looks at me!) and during long phone calls I try to get all the cat hair out of my laptop keyboard. He often will meow at the phone if it rings near him and has been known to take it off the hook and callers have heard him meow at them. He's a pretty amusing mascot.

FYI: Got the name from an 5-year old daughter of a friend who, when I asked her what I should name my new kitten, said "Tom Anderson." I thought - He's a Tom cat and I went to Anderson University, so that worked for me. Then she changed her mind and wanted me to name him "Corn-on-the-cob Anderson" - that was too long!

Debba Haupert

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Jeanne Rhea YSM: Crawling Eye

I would have never thought that I would have had this crawling eye around for so many years!

Jeanne Rhea