Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Amy Flynn YSM: Ozzie & Scumbi

Actually, I have two studio mascots, one inanimate, and one very very animated.

The first is Ozzie, my ten year old Welsh terrier. Sort of an Airedale lite. He has no opposable thumbs, and thus is unable to paint, but is too smart to be an art director (Welshies are a very smart breed). So mostly he just watches me and keeps the property safe from postal workers, squirrels, etc.

If he could talk, he would say "UPS man come to kill us all! Look! Look! Look! Look!"

The other mascot is Scumbi.
There should be a heart over the"i", but I don't know how to do that digitally.

Scumbi was the studio mascot when I worked in Hallmark's Palo Alto Regional Studio back in the 80's. I guess we were all a little tired of painting cute teddy bears, and he was the antidote. He used to be a regular bear, but he fell in with a bad crowd.

Artists. Sheesh.

Amy Flynn

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EC (Lisa) Stewart said...

Oz is so adorable. Although, looks like he's being punished for making bad on your art! hee hee hee :)